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We have tried to create an internet site that is easy to use. On the left of all pages you can click on the desired productgroup. This group will appear with pictures of the products on the right. When you wish to order products, click on the product. You can look at you shopping cart at any time. This cart is on the top right of all pages. The products are displayed including your personal discount. If you do not have a login code yet, please sent us a contactform, which you will find under 'contact'. Should you not be able to find a product choose search. We hope you find what you are looking for!

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  • sampleFast drive away times and great body work protection with SRP
  • sampleFor cutting windscreen with airpressure.
  • sampleHere you find a complete assortment of the well known electrical cutting system
  • sampleLifters for autoglass and windscreens.
  • sampleA wide range of handtools for autoglass can be found right here.
  • sampleAll electrical and pneumatical tools enlighted
  • sampleComplete assortment of the American manufacturor of autoglass tools
  • sampleFrom a simple handtoolbox up to a 3 layers toolbox system
  • sampleA-quality handtools among which key- and heckrange sets.
  • sampleThe Australian brand BTB has great pneumatic cutting tools
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